Unexpected Job Interview Question

The Most Unexpected Job Interview Question

Which cartoon character are you most alike and why?


Last week I presented at NWPPA’s NIC 2023 Communications Uncorked conference in delightful Santa Rosa, California. It was my first trip to Santa Rosa, the birthplace and home of Peanuts creator, the late Charles M. Schulz. Scattered throughout the quaint downtown area are statues of various Peanuts characters, and tourists go on scavenger hunts to find them all. I found Charlie Brown at the entrance of the mall, Snoopy at the Visitors’ Center, and Woodstock in front of an omelet restaurant!


Lucy was outside my hotel, the Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country. She was the first character I spotted, and I immediately remembered an interview question I was asked as a young adult. The interviewer asked me, “Which cartoon character are you most alike and why?” I did not see that question coming! So, I said the first one I could think of: Lucy. And on the spot, I gave three cogent reasons Lucy’s character resonated with me. I got the job, despite being caught off guard with the cartoon character question.


Someone once told me they were asked what their favorite breakfast cereal was and why during a job interview. What about you? What is the most unexpected question you’ve been asked during a college or job interview?


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