The Key to Sane and Productive Remote Work

As someone who has worked professionally in quasi-isolation for 26 years, I can confirm that the breaks in the workday are just as vital as the actual work. Read more

Make Working from Home More Productive—The Power of Three

My friend told me she feels like a hamster these days.

Another said she’s busier than ever but has nothing to show for it. Read more

Virtual Presentations Tips: What NOT To Do

Last week’s blog advised people who present virtually to WEAR PANTS. Since then, readers have flooded my inbox with hilarious stories of how they have “gotten caught with their pants down,” so to speak. Read more

How To Produce a Professional Virtual Presentation

By far, this has been my most frequently asked question in the past 10 days. In my pre-COVID-19 professional life, I traveled and taught No-Panic Presentation Skills to live audiences for 25 years. Below I’ve adapted some practical advice for being the best virtual version of yourself when presenting remotely: Read more

Advice for Working Remotely: Miscellaneous but Worth Mentioning

As someone who has worked from a home office for 26 years, I’m sharing these general tips, which still hold true today. I challenge you to select one of these simple disciplines and commit to it this week. Read more