bad email habits

Bad Email Habits Huddle

Wonder what these workshop participants from Southeast Regional Credit Union Schools were discussing in their huddle at The Georgia Center? They were engaged in a lively discussion about email pet peeves. Read more

creative meeting room

The Wall of Dreams: Creative Meeting Room Idea

This creative meeting room was my dream come true!


Imagine walking into the retreat room at #aloftseattleredmond and discovering the entire wall is a whiteboard. 

Creative Meeting Room

My client’s emerging leaders and I spent three glorious days mapping out talking points and presentation openings and closings. We plotted outlines for white papers and journal articles. We broke tedious paragraphs into succinct bulleted lists. I may have even diagrammed a sentence! 


Now I want to buy some whiteboard paint and convert one of the walls in my home office, but other people in my house are not as gung-ho about this idea as I am.


Have any of you used whiteboard paint in your homes or offices? If so, what’s the verdict? Is it difficult to clean—because one of my pet peeves is when you can still see the markings even after you’ve erased and cleaned everything. I’d love to hear from some fellow whiteboard enthusiasts. The possibilities are endless.


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Certified Speaking Professional Mandi Stanley works with business leaders who want to boost their professional image by becoming better speakers and writers through interactive high-content keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, technical writing seminars, and fun proofreading classes. 

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The Order of Email Writing

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