It’s Interview Time: What’s the One Detail Most Interviewees Forget?

Answer: Business cards

Be sure to get a business card from each person you meet during the course of the interview. Ask for it. Get one from the receptionist, people you meet when touring the facility, and anyone involved during the actual interview.

You’ll use the business cards to send TWO follow-up notes.

The first you’ll send from your car before you even leave the premises. Before you leave the parking lot or garage, pull out your phone or laptop and email a thank-you note. What do you include? Thank them for the interview, share the benefits you gained, and let them know what you appreciate about the opportunity. Imagine what a strong message you send when you’ve responded within five minutes of leaving the interview. In fact, they may be in the middle of interviewing the next candidate when they get the thank-you email from you. That’s impressive!

Then, as soon as you return to your desk, send a handwritten thank-you note, and stick it in the mail the same day if possible. Again, it’s quite impressive to receive a handwritten thank-you note through the mail within 24 hours of the meeting.

Therefore, let me share one action item. Invest in personalized note cards. You are welcome to use two of my resources:

Get Carded

Contact Sheri Fielder for customized professional note cards at


Fresh Ink

Schedule an appointment at for all of your customization needs.


If you are local to the Jackson, Mississippi, area, Fresh Ink stocks a great variety of grab-and-go stationery in their gift shop, and no appointment is required. 4465 I-55 North, Suite 205, Jackson, Mississippi. @freshinkstyle @freshinkportfolio



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