It’s Interview Time: Nonverbal Know-How

Bold statement: Your nonverbals are the most important element during the job interview.

People believe your body language over your lip language. If you are speaking words of confidence, but your body is not exuding said confidence, it indicates incongruity in your message. Specifically, pay attention to these nonverbal factors:


Enthusiasm + confidence = a winning combination. Strive for a calm confident attitude, which indicates you are relaxed but still “up” for the interview.

Mirrored body language

You’ve heard this advice before, but mirroring someone is not the same as “parroting” the person’s body language. For example, if the interviewer seems more stiff and all business, make sure you have a firm handshake, good posture sitting on the edge of your seat, and answers that get to the point quickly. On the other hand, if the interviewer is more relaxed, you can take a more relational approach to connect with and converse with the interviewer. Read the other person’s cues and respond accordingly.


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