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As a result of your program, I saw instant improvement in the skills of our employees.

This one was worth every penny!

There are no worries when you are our headliner!

You are so easy to work with.

I looked around at the audience during your presentation, and you had every single person making direct eye contact and hanging onto every word you were imparting. That is hard to do! Thanks for making us all better.

I loved your presentation at the AOA Annual Conference in Sacramento, and I wish I had attended both of your sessions. I actually sat in the room next to yours during your first presentation and could hear the laughter through the walls! I had to check it out the following day. I am so glad I did.

It is very rare that any speaker receives “5s” with our audience, so you did a wonderful job!

Being involved in a presentation by Mandi is like going to New York City…. No matter how many times you go, you see new things and you want to go again! My statement following my third time to be in a Mandi Stanley presentation.

Tailoring the class exercises to the writing that we routinely perform made the training even more meaningful. I have noticed several examples of clearer and more concise letters, email notes, and reports in the few weeks since the classes took place.

In my 20 years of listening to a lot of great presentations, yours is certainly at the top. THE VERY TOP!! I have a ton of notes that will serve me well. Thanks for sharing so much helpful information and checking for understanding throughout the training.

Your stories and examples were so terrific that even before we left the session, staff already were singing your praises. You have such a personable way of infusing humor into the content. You were among our top-rated speakers and one of the highlights of our event.

Your technical writing session was very well-received and provided practical advice for our attendees to put in practice immediately. We really appreciate your willingness to take on our first-ever video chat overtime session to continue your discussion.

Just a Few of Mandi’s Standout Repeat Clients

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