It’s Interview Time: Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

When the interviewer concludes the interview by asking: “Do you have any questions for us,” the answer is unequivocally YES.

Have a list of questions tucked away that you can refer to during the interview and especially when the conversation is wrapping up. The following bullet points offer research tips to help formulate your sincere questions:

  • Review the organization’s website
  • Next, research the organization through a Google search to see what’s making the news
  • Check out the organization on LinkedIn and connect ahead of time
  • While on LinkedIn and other social media sites, research the backgrounds of the interviewers

Use the information you gather to prepare for the interview. Draft a list of questions you have regarding any products and services along with questions about the organization’s future. 

Your research may even bring to light current problems to be solved, and you can use the interview to share how you would fit into the organization and even contribute to solutions.

If all of your planned questions have been addressed prior to the end of the interview, always have one last question in your hip pocket you have been saving for the end. Don’t leave it to chance. And don’t end with, “No, I think that’s it. You’ve covered everything.” Always have one final question designed to end the interview on a positive note.


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