Working-from-Home Advice You Would Never Expect

So many people have reached out during the past week seeking advice for working from home.

As someone who has worked professionally from a home office for 26 years, I definitely have some thoughts to share. And you may be surprised about the first nugget of work-from-home wisdom. It has nothing to do with composing a top-three to-do list or getting out of your pajamas or even staying out of the snacks. Read more

How Do You Handle Virtual Meeting Whiners?

Sure, in these unique circumstances and challenging times, opportunities are ripe for complaints. But the constantly complaining meeting participant searches for something to complain about. They make negative comments, and their negativity can be contagious. Read more

What if Someone Talks Too Much During Your Presentation?

Let’s call this talkative meeting participant the rambler. This is the audience member who wants to talk just as much as the presenter. This person tends to go on and on and on during a presentation. Read more