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Grammar Grappler #20: Bring or Take?

Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone and knowing you’re about to use a word and then questioning yourself before it even comes out of your mouth? It happens in a split second, but that’s how I feel about bring and take.

Grammar Grappler #19: Affect or effect?

Without fail, this question pops up in every Grammar-for-Grownups professional development class I facilitate.  Oh, how I wish there were a simple gimmick to help us remember when to use affect or effect. Alas, that’s why it’s so tricky; there’s no sure-fire memorable saying to help with this sometimes confusing word choice. And, it’s not […]

Grammar Grappler #13: Windshield Wipers

During a recent lunch with a couple of speaking colleagues, I asked them about funny words and expressions they hear mispronounced. One of my friends admitted she had called “windshield wipers” something else for many years. She had been calling them “windshield swipers” until someone pulled her aside and politely pointed out the error of […]