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Grammar Grappler #8: Home versus Hone

As has been the trend in recent posts, yet again I’m blogging about something I have been saying incorrectly for most of my life. And I never realized it until recently. In fact, it was such a light-bulb moment that I called several people close to me to ask them how they used this term, […]

Grammar Grappler 1: Compose/Comprise

Last week we announced a new blog series we’re calling Grammar Grapplers. A grappler is a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding. The first commonly confused word pair we’re providing a hook for grasping is the difference between compose and comprise.

Announcing Grammar Grapplers

We’re launching a new blog series this week: Grammar Grapplers. The reason I have been eagerly anticipating this new series? These questions have come directly from you. For six months, I have been collecting questions from our community of readers, and today we publish the first response.