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Grammar Grappler #29: Postpone Reading This Until Later

“Larry decided to postpone sending the email until later that afternoon.” “I’m going postpone doing my geometry homework until later.”   Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “postpone until later”? It kind of just rolls off the tongue, but it’s poor usage. Postpone automatically indicates later. If you postpone studying, it means you’re […]

Grammar Grappler #28: Very Unique?

“Halleigh, the spelling of your name is very unique.” “She had a very unique way of expressing frustration.” “The author took a most unique approach to revealing the murderer at the end of the mystery novel.” Very unique? Most unique? Very unique is another phrase we should send to the Redundancy Department of Redundancy. Why? […]

Grammar Grappler #27: How Do You Pronounce This Word: REALTOR®?

This post is dedicated to Jo Usry, chief executive officer of the Jackson Association of REALTORS®, who consults with every presenter she hires on the correct pronunciation of this word. Jo does not want a speaker on stage at one of her meetings mispronouncing this key word to an audience full of actual REALTORS®.