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Is It Accidently or Accidentally?

Is It Accidently or Accidentally? Fun with Words Week 1

We’ve spent the last several weeks working on refreshing our résumés. Now let’s turn our attention to specific word pairs that are commonly confused and misspoken. My goal during the next few weeks is to make sure these words don’t trip you up during a job interview Read more

Ask the Blogger: Meetings during Meals

Our most recent blog series “It’s Interview Time” sparked some questions and stories from readers. Today’s question concerns what to do when interviews take place at a restaurant during a meal.  Read more

It’s Interview Time: The Trial Close

The interview is coming to an end. You genuinely are interested in this new job or career opportunity, but no one has mentioned next steps. Read more

It’s Interview Time: Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

When the interviewer concludes the interview by asking: “Do you have any questions for us,” the answer is unequivocally YES. Read more

It’s Interview Time: How Early Is Too Early?

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been coaching individuals on their presentation skills and job interviewing skills along with helping people refresh their résumés. So, the next few weeks we’ll be using this blog space to highlight my top interviewing tips and answer the questions my clients most frequently ask me.  Read more