Thank-you Note Writing: Make a List and Check It Once

Since January 1, we have used this blog space for discussing gratitude and the act of writing regular thank-you notes. Several of you have joined our community in the challenge of writing one thank-you note a day. I hope it is going well for you, and I want to pass along a simple idea a reader shared last week:

“Mandi, how do you keep track of the notes you send? I started a list in my Notes app on my phone and add a name to it every day.”

What a simple yet profound idea! Thanks, Annie; I’ve taken your advice. To illustrate, I’ll list the people to whom I’ve sent notes of gratitude during the past week.

Perhaps others can use this list as a springboard to begin a similar one.

S.S. – For going above and beyond in his job as a recruiter

G.G. – For sending me makeup samples as a surprise 

R.D. – To congratulate on a new position at work

A.S. – For her help on a project and for a gift she sent me

E.T. – For a professional referral

What I love about Annie’s idea to keep a list in the Notes app is that we can look back on it at the end of the year and be reminded of the people who have influenced us positively along with the events and conversations and acts of kindness that are sure to make us smile.



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