Examples of the TBA Thank-You Note Writing Formula

Last week’s post rang true for many of you. Thanks to everyone who gave a “thumbs up” or commented—and a special thanks to all who committed to this habit in 2021. As a reminder, I’ve pasted a portion of it below:

For 2021, I am writing one thank-you note a day. I invite you to join me in sending one personalized note each day to someone who is invaluable to you. Consider clients, vendors, coworkers, friends, and loved ones. The list can be as endless as your gratitude.

It’s thoughtful, quick, and easy with TBA:

THANK them for the gift or service or gesture

State one specific BENEFIT you received

Tell them what you APPRECIATE about them

Use the TBA thank-you note writing formula to share your gratitude in the new year.

Several readers asked for an example. It’s a three-sentence genuine thank-you note, and the TBA approach allows for specificity. You are welcome to consider the two thank-you notes below as examples.


Dear Shannon,

Thank you for managing my social media platforms in 2020. As I’ve mentioned many times, you can accomplish in one hour what would take me at least 12 hours a week to achieve. I appreciate your creativity and ability to locate the ideal graphics to support my message.




Dear Coach and JuJu,

Thank you for the Starbuck’s gift card you gave me for Christmas. As you know, it’s one of my favorite spots to meet my friends in the mornings before school begins. I appreciate all you have done for me as I begin the last semester of my senior year in high school.





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