Announcing Grammar Grapplers

We’re launching a new blog series this week: Grammar Grapplers. The reason I have been eagerly anticipating this new series? These questions have come directly from you. For six months, I have been collecting questions from our community of readers, and today we publish the first response.

We’re calling this series Grammar Grapplers. A grappler is a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding. It is my hope these upcoming posts provide a hook for understanding and grasping the differences between commonly confused word pairs.

These are the word pairs we’ll be addressing in the coming weeks. Now is an excellent time for you to respond with others you wish to be included. Let me know in the comments which words tend to puzzle you.

Compose and comprise

Desert and dessert

Disinterested and uninterested

Discreet and discrete

Peek and peak

i.e. and e.g.

Ensure and assure (and insure)

Compare with and compare to

Its and it’s and its’

Regardless and irregardless


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