Prioritize Performance in Your Résumé

Ditch the chronological résumé.

When writing a resume, scratch the traditional format of simply listing your educational background and previously held jobs.

Rather, use your résumé to highlight your specific accomplishments at the top. Word them in such a way as to be meaningful to the employer. Use strong action verbs to describe what you achieved rather than simply listing your job responsibilities. Remember, specifics sell. Your accomplishments must translate to their organization; they should be able to see you doing the same good work for them.

Consider this order as you draft your next résumé:

First, list your preferred name and all of your contact information at the top.

Next, use the heading Career Accomplishments for your performance highlights in a bulleted list. Note these examples:

  • Increased a $3.5 million territory to an $11 million territory, surpassing our five-year sales goal
  • Grew market share by 43 percent between July-December 2015
  • Recruited 110 new all-school accounts during the last calendar year (2019)

Use the heading Career Track to list your previous positions and jobs.

Use the heading Skills to highlight the strengths you know will be relevant to the organization.

For the last heading, use Education, and list your schools and degrees.


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