Do I Have To Write a Cover Letter?

Why do we even need cover letters? Aren’t we just repeating what is already listed in the résumé?

Answer: Not if you’re using it correctly.

I get it. Cover letters can be tricky. For those of you who struggle with what to include, think of your cover letter as an opportunity to tell one story. Pick a bullet point from your résumé that deserves more in-depth discussion, and use your cover letter to tell the story of how you solved the problem, came in under budget, completed a project ahead of schedule, or increased market share by a specific percentage.

In other words, let your personality shine in your cover letter. It’s your chance to share your success story.

Include these components:

  • A subject line proposing to fulfill a need for the employer
  • A direct opening sentence citing the open position and your source of information
  • Your understanding of the employer’s need
  • A story exemplifying how your skills can contribute
  • A request for an interview


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