Do I Really Need a Résumé Cover Letter?

Why do we even have to write cover letters? If we’re posting online, is it even necessary? Aren’t we just repeating what is already listed on the résumé? 


Answer: Not if you’re using it correctly.


I get it. Cover letters can be tricky. For those of you who struggle with what to include, think of your cover letter as an opportunity to tell one story. Pick a bullet point from your résumé that deserves more in-depth discussion, and use your cover letter to tell the story of how you solved the problem, came in under budget, completed a project ahead of schedule, or increased market share by a specific percentage.


In other words, let your personality shine in your cover letter. It’s your chance to share your success story.


Include these components:


  • A subject line proposing to fulfill a need for the employer
  • A direct opening sentence citing the open position and your source of information
  • Your understanding of the employer’s need
  • A story exemplifying how your skills can contribute
  • A request for an interview


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