How Do I Make My Family’s Last Name Plural on Greeting Cards?

Quick question: With which names should you use the apostrophe? Choose the correct version.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Stanley’s


Happy Thanksgiving from the Stanleys


If you found that question easy to answer, then what about this one?


Merry Christmas from the Fortenberry’s


Merry Christmas from the Fortenberrys


Which one of these is grammatically correct?


Happy Holidays from the Runnels’


Happy Holidays from the Runnelses


Two more.


Best wishes from the Tripoli’s


Best wishes from the Tripolis


Love, the Salvos


Love, the Salvoes


Love, the Salvo’s


This is a popular topic this time of year, so thank you to everyone who wrote in asking some version of this question: How do I make my family’s last name plural on greeting cards?


What if my last name is Jones? Or Collums? Or Upchurch? Or Rodriguez? Or Terry?


We’re answering this question for once and for all. We’re about to talk about apostrophes and pluralization. So, keep track of your answers, and we’ll reveal the correct versions in next week’s post


Meanwhile, please be sure to respond with any names that puzzle you between now and then so you can feel confident on how to sign off on your Christmas cards and holiday greetings. We’ll answer your last-name questions in real time.


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