Grammar Grappler #9: Just Deserts vs. Just Desserts

Nooooooooo. I can’t believe I have been using this wrong expression my entire life. Surely I’m not alone on this one. How would you fill in the blank in this sentence? Read more

Grammar Grappler #6: A Corny Way to Remember i.e. and e.g.

“What do i.e., and e.g., mean?” Read more

Grammar Grappler #4: Sherbet

For four decades, I have been mispronouncing this word. Read more

Grammar Grappler 3: Peak or Peek?

I still lose sleep over an executive tips book I wrote in 1999 where in the 13th chapter I recommend presenters take a “sneak peak” at their notes whenever needed. Read more

Commonly Confused Word Pairs: Use vs. Utilize

Following virtual training sessions on Write It So They Read It: Technical Writing for Non-Technical Employees or Proof It! How To Be a Better Proofreader, participants send me questions about grammar and writing and punctuation they encounter at work. For the next four weeks, I’m reaching inside the figurative mailbag to answer questions from readers. Please tag me with your pesky punctuation or confusing word choice question, and I’ll be sure to answer. Below is our first reader Q&A:

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