How to Pluralize Family Names with Tricky Spellings

This week we’re polishing off the last of the turkey sandwiches, hanging lights, taking our decorations out of the attic—and addressing our cards. Let’s continue our discussion of how to pluralize our family names with tricky spellings.


Question: What if my last name ends with an “x,” or a “z”, or an “sh,” or with “ch”?


The same pluralization rule holds true with these examples: never use an apostrophe. 


If the last name is Lomax, the plural is Lomaxes. 


If the last name is Gonzalez, the plural is Gonzalezes.


If the last name is Minosh, the plural is Minoshes.


If the last name is Upchurch, the plural is Upchurches. 


Let me know if you want to double-check the pluralization of your last name. I’m on call this week at



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