Grammar Grappler #10: Chester Drawers

This weeks’ blog spot is short and sweet.

How do you pronounce this piece of furniture?





Answer: chest of drawers


As a child, I called it a “chester drawers.” Fortunately, someone kindly corrected me before I entered college.

However, I am not alone. So many people to this day say “chester drawers,” even as adults. Someone close to me (and older than I) called it a “chester drawers” last week. Even a furniture store rep pronounced it that way not too long ago. I used to believe it was a Southern tendency, but I have discovered in my travels that other regions of the country go furniture shopping for a bed, night stand, dresser—and “chester drawers.”

Which other mispronunciations come to mind from childhood?


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Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash