Wacky Word Question: Is He Moving Backward or Backwards?

Keep the “wacky words” coming! Thanks to all of you who have been commenting and adding to our wacky-word conversation these past few months. Please continue to post your questions and share your examples. This week’s word choice winner is backward/backwards.

Our last two posts questioning toward/towards and regard/regards led to a related question this week: I’ve heard it both ways: Is it “backward” or “backwards”? 

We’ve all heard it both ways. But only one way is correct: backward.

It’s backward. No “s.” Never say backwards. 

Allow me to share a helpful gimmick to cement this rule in your mind. “If you can’t go forwards, then you can’t go backwards.” That’s a fun yet memorable trick for remembering not to put an “s” on those words. We don’t say forwards, so we shouldn’t say backwards. It’s forward and backward.



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