What Presenters Should Be Doing One Week Before a Big Speech

In the days leading up to a presentation, savvy speakers are mindful of prep work that will help them bring their “A Game” to the platform when it really counts.

Weeks Leading up to the Presentation

  • Obtain a roster of the people who will be attending. Becoming familiar with their names and titles enables you to relate better; moreover, you’ll seem as if you are “among friends.”
  • Memorize your opening three minutes of your material—but not your entire speech—so you can take advantage of the Three-Minute First Impression.
  • Anticipate questions attendees may ask about the subject matter you are covering. Prepare your answers. Be ready to respond to any questions; better yet, address them up front in your presentation before they even arise. That’s really bringing your “A Game.”
  • Rehearse. Rehearse.
  • Video your presentation and watch it at least one week prior to your talk. It is painful but necessary. The video camera never lies.

These preparation tips ready you for delivering a spot-on message with confidence, comfort, and control when it counts.


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Photo by Eric Deeran on Unsplash