Live and Virtual Presentation Tip: Voice Your Vocal Vitality

If YOU don’t sound interested in what you’re saying during your presentation, your audience certainly won’t be.

Because we lose so much of our communication through body language when presenting through a virtual platform, we need to compensate with our vocal vitality. Be aware of these three pitfalls concerning your voice and delivery:

  • Poor Pitch
  • Rapid Rate
  • Monotone Message

Poor Pitch

In previous posts, we’ve encouraged the “precall call,” the best practice of recording your presentation 48 hours beforehand to assess your message and delivery. Yes, it’s about as enjoyable as hearing your own voice on your outgoing voicemail message, but it works. When listening to the recording, pay attention to your pitch. Anxiety and even the adrenaline pumping through your body prior to presenting result in a higher-than-normal pitch. This can lessen your credibility and authority with a group, and this higher-pitched voice is especially noticeable with women.

Rapid Rate

That same adrenaline can result in a much more-rapid-than-usual rate of speech. I once had an audience member in Boston comment on an evaluation: “She’s the fastest talking Southerner I’ve ever heard.” I don’t think it was a compliment.

Monotone Message

If you don’t sound interested in what you’re saying, your audience certainly won’t be. Monotone equals boring. Having a monotone delivery is one of the biggest speaker turnoffs among virtual audience members, who may feel as if the presenter is just phoning it in. If you have a tendency to go monotone when presenting information, practice more inflection and even changing your facial expression to incorporate more energy.



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