“Own” the Room Before, During, and AFTER Your Presentation

You knocked it out of the park with your presentation. You even received a standing ovation. But if you want to be invited back to speak, follow my mom’s advice: “Leave every place better than you found it.”

One of my clients in North Carolina actually hands a room-cleaning checklist to instructors who use their conference center and requests they review and initial each of the items after their classes.

  • Computers set back to log-in screen setting
  • White boards cleaned
  • Used flip chart pages torn from pad and placed in recycle bin
  • Trash removed from tables
  • Trash cleared from the floor
  • Projector turned OFF
  • Student materials such as pens and extra books put away

While it may seem like overkill to some, attention to these details goes a long way toward creating a positive, memorable, and comfortable experience for those attending your presentation.



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