What if Someone Falls Asleep During Your Presentation?

Let’s deal with a potentially embarrassing meeting participant: the napper. Have you ever had someone fall asleep during one of your presentations? What do you do if there is a snoozer in the room?

Your goal with the person who chooses your meeting for a siesta is simply to regain their attention without getting egg on their face. Below are some techniques I’ve used personally when dealing with a participant who chooses my presentation for nap time. Yes, I admit it: I’ve had people sleep during my seminars—and it’s hard not to take personally.

What To Do

  • First, don’t embarrass the person
  • Ascertain the problem is not a medical one
  • Plan high-participation activities to support your main points
  • Use plenty of interactive techniques to appeal to everyone in the room
  • Avoid long lectures
  • Don’t turn off the lights for your PowerPoint™
  • Check the lighting in the meeting room beforehand; you may wish to bring in extra lamps
  • Keep your own passion and energy level high

What Not To Do

  • Don’t embarrass them awake
  • Don’t point them out to everyone else
  • Don’t have everyone tiptoe out of the room, turn out the lights, and leave them alone
  • Don’t say “Boo!”


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Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash