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Facilitate Q&A

Start Strong, End Stronger: Facilitate Q&A Smoothly

What an absolute honor to contribute to this organization’s Leadership Institute at the beautiful Faulkner in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, yesterday. Check out the beautiful wallpaper in the background. Read more

What if Someone Talks Too Much During Your Presentation?

Let’s call this talkative meeting participant the rambler. This is the audience member who wants to talk just as much as the presenter. This person tends to go on and on and on during a presentation. Read more

What if Someone Falls Asleep During Your Presentation?

Let’s deal with a potentially embarrassing meeting participant: the napper. Have you ever had someone fall asleep during one of your presentations? What do you do if there is a snoozer in the room? Read more

What If You Forget to Mention Something During Your Presentation?

It’s a good idea to remind yourself that your audience probably hasn’t seen a written copy of your speech. They won’t know if you accidentally forget a story, unless you backtrack and decide to tell them. They probably won’t even realize if you leave out a key point.

For example, in No-Panic Presentation Skills seminars, I place a small piece of chocolate wrapped in gold paper at each seat. The candy has a specific purpose, and I explain it about 10 minutes into my presentation.

At a recent women’s conference in Louisiana, however, I totally forgot to tell them about the chocolate, and I didn’t realize it until the end when I noticed no one had touched it. It’s usually gobbled up half way through the program.

How could I forget such a key element in a presentation I conduct 30 times a year? Of course, no one in my audience that day knew any better. They didn’t think twice about the chocolate. They probably just gathered it up with their learning guides and were happy to have a little snack on the way home. I kicked myself, but I didn’t regress and mention it to them. I never said a word.


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Meet and Greet Audience To Reduce Nervousness

Antsy before a presentation? Make time to meet and greet your audience. Read more

Presentation Closing Clunker: How to Avoid Going Over Time

At an all-hands meeting for an organization’s sales force, I personally witnessed the regional manager take almost one hour to talk when he was scheduled on the agenda for 15 minutes. He totally destroyed the schedule for the meeting, and he ate into the next two presenters’ time. Read more

Presentation Closing Clunker: DON’T Promise This to Your Audience

We’ve experienced it countless times. An executive speaker reaches the end of a business presentation, even signals the audience with the words “in closing,” yet suddenly decides to tell another story or review a previous point—or even introduce new information. Then, the presenter will promise the ending again by saying, “So in conclusion,” repeating the vicious cycle. Read more

Presentation Closing Clunker: Should You Thank Your Audience?

Yes, I know some executive speaking coaches admonish never thank an audience because they should be the ones thanking you. If I were 10 years old, I would say “Puh-leeeze!” That’s ridiculous—and arrogant. Read more