Presentation Closing Clunker: Should You Thank Your Audience?

Yes, I know some executive speaking coaches admonish never thank an audience because they should be the ones thanking you. If I were 10 years old, I would say “Puh-leeeze!” That’s ridiculous—and arrogant.

I’ve never bought into this advice. Most certainly, it is appropriate to thank your audience; after all they have invested a top commodity in you: their time. To many busy people these days, time may be considered a more valuable asset than money. But, it is important to be specific in your thanks.

On what grounds should you thank your audience?

  • Obviously for their investment of time
  • For the invitation to speak to them in the first place
  • For their hospitality
  • For their interaction with you and their willingness to share ideas
  • For asking meaningful questions and contributing to the conversation
  • As former National Speakers Association President Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, would say, for the “privilege of the platform”

There’s nothing taboo about offering your audience a sincere thank you. You’ll end on a positive note every time.


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