That’s a Whole “Nuther” Story

Twice this week I’ve heard professional speakers and broadcasters use the word “nuther.” But, I’m posting this blog today because for the first time I saw someone actually write it in a report: nuther.

Is “nuther” a word? Short answer: no.

We hear people say, “That’s a whole nuther story.”

Or, “We’re looking at a whole nuther level of shenanigans.”

However, the solution is not necessarily to correct it with “a whole other story,” which is poor grammar. Rather, I believe the problem lies with the word “whole.” What is actually happening is the speaker is inserting the “whole” between the first and second syllables of “another,” and the result is “a-whole-nother” story. This sounds like “a whole nuther” story.

So, the solution is to get rid of “whole.” Just say, “That’s another story.” Whether it’s spelled “nother” or “nuther,” don’t say it—and certainly don’t write it.


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