One-Minute Technology Tips for Virtual Meetings

Are fellow meeting attendees cutting out of virtual conversations more often than usual these days?

Are you tired of weird distracting noises in the background during Zoom meetings?

Are your coworkers freezing on the screen mid-sentence?

While some technology troubleshooting requires an IT professional from your organization to step in, today I’m sharing my simple one-minute checklist from The No-Panic Plan for Virtual Presenters. These are quick tips you can handle alone to ensure better connections during important meetings and presentations. These are low-tech solutions even I can manage:

Watch for bandwidth issues from others’ use of devices

In the early days of working from home, my husband and I realized we both couldn’t be on simultaneous Zoom meetings without one of us experiencing glitches. On top of that, both of our sons were on their devices doing schoolwork.

Close unnecessary applications

Free your router from obstructions

Routers are ugly.

I hide ours in cabinets because they do not lend to our home décor. However, I have learned to open the cabinet doors when it’s time for a virtual meeting.

Count the walls between you and your router

The fewer walls separating you, the better. This may mean moving your home office setup to another location.

Consider a WiFi extender

Ultimately, this is what we did at our house. Our provider came out and hardwired five WiFi extenders because we are in this for the long haul.


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