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Assess Your Zoom Room

While there are funny Twitter accounts and parody Tik Tok’s about what’s happening in the background of your Zoom room, today I’m sharing my checklist from The No-Panic Plan for Virtual Presenters. Read more

One-Minute Technology Tips for Virtual Meetings

Are fellow meeting attendees cutting out of virtual conversations more often than usual these days? Read more

Take Care of Your Voice for Virtual Presentations

While the nationwide quarantine and shelter-in-place restrictions have spawned numerous webinars and posts about how to rock your next virtual meeting (and I know, because I have written many myself), here’s one topic that has not been addressed much: how to take care of your voice. Read more

What If Two People Begin Talking at Once in Virtual Meetings?

Last week during a customized session of The No-Panic Plan for Virtual Presenters webinar, a participant shared this question in the chatbox. We discussed solutions during the call for this commonplace occurrence. Read more

Virtual Presentations Tips: What NOT To Do

Last week’s blog advised people who present virtually to WEAR PANTS. Since then, readers have flooded my inbox with hilarious stories of how they have “gotten caught with their pants down,” so to speak. Read more

How To Produce a Professional Virtual Presentation

By far, this has been my most frequently asked question in the past 10 days. In my pre-COVID-19 professional life, I traveled and taught No-Panic Presentation Skills to live audiences for 25 years. Below I’ve adapted some practical advice for being the best virtual version of yourself when presenting remotely: Read more

How Do You Handle Virtual Meeting Whiners?

Sure, in these unique circumstances and challenging times, opportunities are ripe for complaints. But the constantly complaining meeting participant searches for something to complain about. They make negative comments, and their negativity can be contagious. Read more