Grammar Grappler #13: Windshield Wipers

During a recent lunch with a couple of speaking colleagues, I asked them about funny words and expressions they hear mispronounced. One of my friends admitted she had called “windshield wipers” something else for many years. She had been calling them “windshield swipers” until someone pulled her aside and politely pointed out the error of her ways.

The other speaker at our table nodded in hearty agreement. She, too, had been around people who said “windshield swipers.”

Well, that’s a new one to me. 

While we all now see how funny it is to imagine a gang of masked bandits sneaking around neighborhoods at night “swiping” windshields, it makes me wonder what other nonsensical expressions come to mind. Are there any other funny words or phrases from childhood (or later in life) that you are willing to share? 

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Photo by Nick de Partee on Unsplash