bad email habits

Bad Email Habits Huddle

Wonder what these workshop participants from Southeast Regional Credit Union Schools were discussing in their huddle at The Georgia Center? They were engaged in a lively discussion about email pet peeves.

What are some bad email habits you are noticing in the workplace?

What are your personal email pet peeves?

What are coworkers doing with email that may cause them and the entire work group to appear less than professional?

Some of the top culprits identified during this breakout session include:

  • Careless grammar and spelling mistakes 
  • Overuse of emojis at work
  • Using texting shortcuts in workplace emails
  • Overusing Reply All
  • Leaving the subject line blank
  • Forgetting the attachment

Which email grievances would you add to this list? I’ll go first: People who type their entire email in the subject line.


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