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Navigate Graduation Season

Navigate Graduation Season with Grace and Gratitude

It’s that most wonderful time of year: graduation time.


Each day is filled with awards days, ceremonies, senior banquets, graduation parties, showers, and family celebrations. So, at the request of several parents, allow me to share some simple life skills to help graduates navigate this crazy-busy time in their lives with grace and gratitude.


What does RSVP mean?

Unfortunately, these days when we ask for an RSVP on an invitation, people tend not to reply. Even though a few will follow through, a significant number never do. This lack of response is a party planner’s headache because the result can ruin an event, especially when needing a headcount for food and seating and favors.


RSVP means “répondez s’il vous plait,” which is French for “respond, if you please” or “please respond.” RSVP means you respond to the hosts with a yes or a no. You respond if you are attending or if you are unable to attend.


What about “regrets only”?

When an invitation includes the phrase “regrets only,” you only respond if you CAN’T attend the event. If you don’t respond at all, the hosts consider that to mean yes. For an added touch of courtesy, if you must regret, it’s a recommended practice to include a simple explanation with your regret.


Advice to graduates: If you receive an invitation requesting an RSVP during graduation season (or anytime in your adult life), you can never respond too quickly. Go ahead and check your schedule and respond as soon as you receive the invitation. Your hosts will appreciate it as they plan for food and party favors.


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