Grammar Grappler 2: Presidents Day, President’s Day, Presidents’ Day

Behind-the-scenes note: I write on Monday and publish on Wednesday, so I’m penning this on the third Monday in February, otherwise known as Presidents’ Day. Or is it Presidents Day? Or President’s Day. Read more

Grammar Grappler 1: Compose/Comprise

Last week we announced a new blog series we’re calling Grammar Grapplers. A grappler is a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding. The first commonly confused word pair we’re providing a hook for grasping is the difference between compose and comprise. Read more

Announcing Grammar Grapplers

We’re launching a new blog series this week: Grammar Grapplers. The reason I have been eagerly anticipating this new series? These questions have come directly from you. For six months, I have been collecting questions from our community of readers, and today we publish the first response. Read more