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Email Writing Skills for Customer Service Professionals

Lorman Education Services has invited me to present on the topic of essential email writing skills for customer service professionals at an upcoming live webinar. As my guest, you are eligible for 50 percent off the registration fee.


I’m thrilled about partnering with Lorman and offering these outcome-oriented objectives during this 30-minute live webinar:


  • Identify the top seven credibility-robbing mistakes we make with customer service emails—and how to avoid them 


  • Answer commonly asked questions about when—and if—you should use acronyms, jargon, and even emojis


  • Never forget an attachment again


  • Discover the four-step approach to composing a thorough email


  • Understand the importance of a complete email subject line—and how to write one consistently every time 


  • Learn how to draft customer emails and responses that don’t sound canned 


  • Make sure your customer-facing emails are absolutely error free with no embarrassing typos or mistakes

    Join us September 16, 2022
    1:00PM EST – 1:30PM EST

    Register online here
    Call: 866-352-9539
    Discount code: S4444442
    Priority code: 15999

    I look forward to having you in attendance and providing you with the latest information on essential email writing skills.


To customize a webinar, keynote, or professional development session that will have your audience laughing and learning, contact Mandi Stanley.

Certified Speaking Professional Mandi Stanley works with business leaders who want to boost their professional image by becoming better speakers and writers through interactive high-content keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, technical writing seminars, and fun proofreading classes. 

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