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Grammar Grappler #27: How Do You Pronounce This Word: REALTOR®?

This post is dedicated to Jo Usry, chief executive officer of the Jackson Association of REALTORS®, who consults with every presenter she hires on the correct pronunciation of this word. Jo does not want a speaker on stage at one of her meetings mispronouncing this key word to an audience full of actual REALTORS®.  Read more

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Grammar Grappler #10: Its and It’s and Its’

You will see this word written one of three ways:




How do we know when to use which one correctly? Even seasoned professional proofreaders can get in a hurry and miss this commonly confused and misused word. It’s not tricky when you use this quick and easy proofreading hack. Read more

Are You Accidentally “Verbing”?

Following virtual training sessions on Write It So They Read It: Technical Writing for Non-Technical Employees or Proof It! How To Be a Better Proofreader, participants send me questions about grammar and writing and punctuation they encounter at work. For the next three weeks, I’m reaching inside the figurative mailbag to answer questions from readers. Please tag me with your pesky punctuation or confusing word choice question, and I’ll be sure to answer. Read more