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Grammar Grappler #13: Windshield Wipers

During a recent lunch with a couple of speaking colleagues, I asked them about funny words and expressions they hear mispronounced. One of my friends admitted she had called “windshield wipers” something else for many years. She had been calling them “windshield swipers” until someone pulled her aside and politely pointed out the error of […]

Grammar Grappler #10: Its and It’s and Its’

You will see this word written one of three ways: Its It’s  Its’ How do we know when to use which one correctly? Even seasoned professional proofreaders can get in a hurry and miss this commonly confused and misused word. It’s not tricky when you use this quick and easy proofreading hack.

Grammar Grappler #10: Chester Drawers

This weeks’ blog spot is short and sweet. How do you pronounce this piece of furniture? . . . . Answer: chest of drawers   As a child, I called it a “chester drawers.” Fortunately, someone kindly corrected me before I entered college. However, I am not alone. So many people to this day say […]